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Zong Chiang is a versatile multi-instrumental musician and award-winning composer based in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Taipei. His work has appeared in film, television, game, documentary, commercial, virtual reality, and pop music. Zong's works featured studios, including Netflix, Taiwan Television, TVBS, China Television Company, Chinese Public Television, Sanlih Entertainment Television, Formosa Television, Mango Television, Microsoft, and Oculus VR.

In 2022, Zong got selected to be the Recording Academy / Grammy U Mentor. Also, Zong Chiang will become a board member of the "MUST" the Music Copyright Society of Chinese Taipei in 2023 and selected as the upcoming class of Generation T, Leaders of Tomorrow by Tatler Asia, Tatler Taiwan in 2023 List.

Zong is a nominee of a 2020 Paris Art and Movie Awards, a soundtrack winner of the London City Film Award, and project "Dear Mom" selected into 2020 GSA BAFTA Student Film Awards: BAFTA Student Interactive Media Showcase.

As a composer of screen and technology music, Zong has not only worked with studio artists/musicians around the world, including Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, Taipei Philharmonic Orchestra, Budapest Art Orchestra, Budapest Scoring Orchestra, and Helix Collective but also recorded all his works at Warner Bros' Eastwood Scoring Stage, Capitol Record Studio, AIR Studios, EastWest Studio, Sony Playstation Interactive Recording Studio, and Silent Zoo Studio (The Bridge). In 2021, Zong performed "Golden Global Honor World-Premiere Concert" at Taishin International Bank with Taipei Philharmonic Orchestra.


In addition, Zong's professional fields also cross-border audio design and spatial audio; from music creation, sound design, ambisonic to implementation, in all levels of the audio area of Virtual Reality.

Zong has participated in major film festivals and music festivals in recent years, including the 2021 NewImages Festival, "Annecy International Animation Film Festival," GSA BAFTA Student Film Awards, IndieCade, Formosa a Venezia.

Zong not only served as the Head of Composing, Score, and Asia Representative of the London City Film Awards from 2021, but also served as judge at Hollywood Gold Awards from 2022.

Since 2020, Zong has created the audio design for prestigious awards: Golden Melody Awards and Golden Horse Awards, from the music design in the award ceremony to the ambient music in the red carpet area. In 2021, he served as the Golden Melody Festival New-Media Mixing Master Series moderator at the 32nd Golden Melody Awards.  In late 2021, Zong is the audio designer/ composer for the 45th Golden Tripod Awards for Publications and the 13th Golden Comic Awards.


From late 2021, Zong started composing for the "Art and Culture Awards" Winner: Ang Lee" Documentary by The General Association of Chinese Culture; screened from January 22nd, 2022.

Zong received an MM in Screen Scoring from the University of Southern California's Thornton School of Music (2020), under mentored by composers: Garry Schyman (Bioshock, Metamorphosis) and Eric Schmidt (Hercules, Goof Troop Bonkers). In addition, he holds a BA in Technology and Applied Composition from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music (2019) and has been mentored by composer/orchestrator Lennie Moore (Outcast, DOTA 2, and Halo).

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