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Screen Scoring & Original Compositions


⧔ July 2022

Composed for Would You Like a Cup of Coffee?, which will screen at the upcoming 2022 Taipei Film Festival.

⧔ June 2022

Composed for feature animation The Legend of Sun Walker, which attended Marché du Film - Festival de Cannes.

⧔ February 2022

Zong was the additional orchestrator for Netflix's interactive film Cat Burglar.

⧔ January 2022

Composed for Ang Lee's documentary - Arts and Culture Awards.

⧔ December 2021

Composed for short animation Maya and the Monster.

⧔ April 2020

Soundtracks for I Can't Save You by David Legel was selected in the "Los Angeles Live Score Film Festival 2020".


⧔ November 2019

Zong’s work at the age of 13 was adapted to "Embrace the Stars", and became the most focused promotional song for the film Because of You.

⧔ October 2019

Composed and Arranged (cooperated with San-sheng Chiang): The title song Delicious for EBC TV Series Sweet Family, also with the interlude “Lovers or Friends”, “Lonely Raindrops”.

⧔ September 2019

Worked together with San-sheng Chiang, as the music producer of the TTV TV series Born into Loving Hands. Working with well-known L.A. musicians and the Hollywood post-production team. Invested a large budget to complete the OST.


⧔ May 2019

Composed and produced theme song “Heartbeat” for PTV (Public Television Service) drama series The Coordinators; post-production of cello, harp, and other instruments completed in the U.S.


⧔ March 2019

Played integral role in composing and arranging musical score for Chinese web drama series My Poseidon; composed opening credit song “Dear, how are you?” and arranged and produced theme song “It’s raining. Where are you?” and interlude “12,000 Years of Loneliness”.


⧔ September 2018

Composed soundtrack for American-born Chinese director Brandon Chi-wei Chen’s short film Blue Lanterns.

⧔ April 2018

“The Great Renaissance” was selected as the soundtrack for a special Valentine’s Day promotional feature for Chinese television drama Here to Heart (starring Hans Zhang and Janine Chang).


⧔ October 2017

Participated in composing original soundtrack of the Taiwanese movie Hidden Treasures in the Mountain.


⧔ June 2017

Participated in the original soundtrack for The Legend of Zu, television series produced by Nicky Qilong Wu.


⧔ 2016

Collaborated with Taiwan's leading 3D director Charlie Chu on documentary Bright Torch 3D; documentary won the Best 3D Film Award at the 8th Busan International Film Festival and first place in the 3D films category at the China Advanced Videography Awards.

⧔ March 2015

Composed soundtrack for CTV (China Television Company) movie The Two of Us (directed by Leading Lee and staring Morni Chang, Wei Lin, Phoenix Chang, and Ming Dao).


⧔ August 2014

Participated in the production of television series The Fighter, which was short-listed at the 50th Television Golden Bell Award for “Best Educational and Cultural Program”; composed tailored opening and closing credits as well as interlude soundtracks for the series.

⧔ 2013

Composition “The Glowing Time Machine" was selected as the presenting theme song for the Opening the Memory Box, a short-listed program in the “Best Radio Program Award” category at the Broadcast Golden Bell Awards (later used by Cheng Sheng Broadcasting Corporation as theme song).

Original Soundtrack for Games


⧔ 2022

Forthcoming role as composer, sound designer, and implementer for VR project Wing Wor.

⧔ 2022

Zong was the additional orchestrator for One Piece, The Three Kingdoms, Moonlight Blade, and Tower of Fantasy.

⧔ 2020

Composed music for VR game Art of Balancing.

⧔ 2020

Composed soundtrack for Dear Mom, which is selected in 2020 GSA BAFTA Student Film Awards. It is the first time the awards invite submissions of student interactive projects for the BAFTA Student Interactive Media Showcase. Dear Mom is an interactive project created by Ama Inc. for 2020 Mother's Day on Facebook as a special event. 

⧔ 2019

Compositions for Ama's Momento, including the original score of the game’s main theme and background music, was recorded at The John Williams Scoring Stage. Ama's Momento was selected by 2019 IndieCade (International Festival of Independent Games), and was the winner of "The Location Based and Live Play Award".

⧔ 2019

Composed soundtrack for Sadie’s Tail, which will be officially launched on Android Store

mobile games in 2020. Sadie’s Tail is an interactive mobile narrative game that follows the life of a dog. You play as Sadie the dog, making decisions about what shoe to chew and which human to interact with. It's a story about unconditional love and learning that time doesn’t rupture all connections.

Live Performances & International Music Events


⧔ June 2022

Forthcoming moderator role for the Golden Melody Festival - Game Audio Masterclass with Garry Schyman.

⧔ 2020 - 2023

Composed original music for 31st Golden Melody Awards, 57th and 58th Golden Horse Awards, Golden Comic Awards, Golden Tripod Awards, and Golden Melody Awards 2021 - 2023 Showcase Series.

⧔ April 2022

Premiered "Natural Bound" for USC's Music Alumni Concert at the National Taichung Theater Black Box and National Recital Hall.

Performed at UBS's WE BOOK Event at the Mandarin Oriental.

⧔ January 2020

With the support of Taishin Bank, Zong Chiang's solo concert "Golden Global Honor World-Premiere Concert" was held in Taishin Tower with Taipei Philharmonic Orchestra. Pieces showcased include 10 awarded compositions.

⧔ January 2020

Invited to participate in the 2020 TTV New Year's show “2020 TTV Super Star", along with well-known musician San-sheng Chiang, Taiwan's well-known singer Henry Hsu and Malaysian famous singer Jess Lee, and performed on the Taipei Arena.

October 2017

First global inter-school concert tour featuring four performances in San Francisco, Shanghai and Taipei. Pieces showcased include "The Great Renaissance” as well as pieces from his upcoming album Grey Territory.

⧔ April 2017

Opening performance at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music’s (SFCM) Electric Hullabaloo; world premiere and live performance "The Great Renaissance.”

⧔ July 2014

Invited by the mayor and educational commissioner of Shanghai, Zong performed at the opening ceremony of the 12th National Sports Competition for Secondary Education in Shanghai, China. Led a group of 34 elite pianists selected from each of the provinces across China in a performance of Zong’s own musical composition. His “Moment of Glory” was pre-recorded by the renowned Shanghai Symphony Orchestra. Live performances were broadcasted by CCTV news.

⧔ August 2013 

The first personal full-length performance of “Moment of Glory,” marking the beginning of his path to become a well-rounded musician—combining classical with cross-over and pop styles of musical composition.

Compositions for Award Ceremonies & Commercials


⧔ 2022

Composed and sound designed for Apex ApexVision L811/L812.


⧔ 2021

Composed for ViewSonic ViewBoard and Microsoft All-in-One Direct View LED Display.

⧔ November 2020

Commissioned by Kavalan Whisky to compose music for limited edition "Kavalan Artists Series", which is partnered with Taiwanese painter Paul Chiang.

⧔ November 2020

Commissioned by the 57th Golden Horse Award Ceremony to compose music for the red-carpet event.

⧔ May 2019

Selected to compose the red-carpet music for the 30th Golden Melody Awards Ceremony.

⧔ 2017, 2018 & 2020

Selected as the winning compositions for the 8th, 9th and 11th annual Taishin Bank "Power of Love" charity program; invited to tailor-compose music for the program’s public service announcement.

⧔ 2016

Collaborated with well-known makeup artist Kai Chang, Zong created the official soundtrack for the commercial featuring the Glow Balm Foundation in the Kai Deluxe makeup brand.

⧔ October 2015

Tailor-made the theme song for renowned make-up guru Kai Chang’s KAI DELUXE line of cosmetics.

April 2015

Wrote the soundtrack for YU Beauty’s Yufen Natural Soap promotional video featured at the 2015 Creative Expo Taiwan and the commercial theme song for the Beauty Forest brand.

Professional Recording Experience


⧔ 2019 -

Cooperated with Hollywood and other famous performers in the world. Recorded personal film soundtracks, as well as a number of Chinese film and television theme songs and soundtracks in the world's premier recording studios such as The John Williams Scoring Stage, Capitol Studios, EastWest Studios, and The Bridge Recording.

⧔ 2016 - 2019

Recording experience at the San Francisco Sony Studio and Sony PlayStation; in 2019, worked with acclaimed mixing engineer Justin Lieberman to produce theme songs for television dramas in Taiwan, taking the theme songs to a whole new level. ​​

⧔ 2016 & 2017

Collaborated with the San Francisco Symphony to record personal creations including “The Theory of SF Tower" and "Dreki Hunters."

⧔ 2014 - 2018

Extended collaboration with the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra and Shanghai String Orchestra to recorded pieces featured in albums including Moment of Glory, The Power of Civilization, and the Fantastic Art Symphony as well as theme songs and soundtracks for Chinese television dramas.

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