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Music Awards


⧔ Dear Mom, Ama's Momento, US, Blue Lanterns, and Mother :

GSA BAFTA Student Film Awards: BAFTA Student Interactive Media Showcase 
Paris Art and Movie Awards: Best Soundtrack - Finalist 
Paris Play Film Festival Awards: Best Soundtrack - Winner

Los Angeles Film Awards - Winner

Indie X Film Fest - Winner

Independent Shorts Awards - Gold Award 

Seoul International Short Film Festival - Winner
Oniros Film Awards: Best Soundtrack - Grand Jury Awards: Winner 
Indie Short Festival: Best Soundtrack - Finalist 
New York International Film Awards: Best Soundtrack - Winner 
Filmmakers Connect Awards: Best Soundtrack - Official Selected
Golden Short Film Festival: Best Soundtrack - Official Selected
World Film Carnival - Singapore: Best Soundtrack - Outstanding Achievement Awards
Druk International Film Festival: Best Soundtrack - Winner 
Calcutta International Cult Film Festival: Best Soundtrack - Winner 
Tagore International Film Festival: Best Soundtrack - Finalist 

London City Film Award: Best Soundtrack & Music - Winner




⧔ January 2021

Selected by "Composers Diversity Collective" as one of ten composers to collaborate with the ensemble Helix Collective. Composition "Waves" featured in the forthcoming album will be recorded with Helix Collective.

⧔ April 2020

Selected in the "Los Angeles Live Score Film Festival 2020".

⧔ March 2019

Invited as the youngest artist to exhibit at the 2019 Formosa Visits Venice ("Formosa a Venezia") featured at the Palazzo Albrizzi  in Venice; exhibited piece completed in collaboration with master of art Lee Shi-Chi in 2017 entitled Fantastic Art Symphony. The piece blends of visual and auditory art and shown to the world at Venice. 


⧔ November 2018

The Traveler・101 was chosen from among 235 pieces as the environmental soundtrack to represent the aura of the landmark Taipei 101 metro station. Composition premiered on November 19, 2018.

⧔ April 2018

Selected as the San Francisco Conservatory of Music (SFCM) to participate in the Sounding Now music event hosted by the YST Conservatory in Singapore; also participated in the composer roundtable.

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