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Zong Chiang selected in the Recording Academy/Grammys Class of 2021
Recording Academy/Grammys | 2021 June 28
Zong Chiang has the honor to be selected in the Recording Academy / Grammys Class of 2021 as Voting Member! As part of the new Recording Academy / GRAMMYs voting member class, Zong is honored to have an opportunity to celebrate, represent, and give back to the music and its creators. #WeAreMusic

Zong Chiang participated in 2021 NewImages Festival
NewIamges Festival | 2021 June 8
2021 TAICCA and NewImages Festival will have its first edition of TW x FR XR DAY fully online programs soon on 8th to 9th June, will have 12 selected Taiwanese talents represented to join this extraordinary networking program between France and Taiwan. Congratulations to AmaVR owner Awu Chen to be selected into the program.

Zong Chiang selected in "Annecy International Animation Film Festival" program "Meet the Composers".
Ann | 2021 June 15
2021 TAICCA and NewImages Festival will have its first edition of TW x FR XR DAY fully online programs soon on 8th to 9th June, will have 12 selected Taiwanese talents represented to join this extraordinary networking program between France and Taiwan. Congratulations to AmaVR owner Awu Chen to be selected into the program.

"Dear Mom" selected in 2020 GSA BAFTA Student Film Awards Showcase

BAFTA | 2020 June 15


This year for the first time, BAFTA invited submissions of student interactive projects, including games, VR and other immersive media, for the BAFTA Student Interactive Media Showcase. Dear Mom, produced by Awu Chen, Kevin Ke and Sebastian Aldo Widjaya, is one of the selected projects for the showcase.

“Ama’s Momento” featured in IndieCade, a festival for independent gaming

Los Angeles Times | 2019 Oct. 13


Using play to erase whatever gap it is that prevents people from connecting was an underlying theme of this year’s IndieCade. It was present in the heart-achingly thoughtful “Ama’s Momento,” which combines virtual and augmented realities with room-scale projections to tell the story of Yoko Kung, a grandmother of one of the developers, and her lifelong love and quest to champion Taiwanese art.

Zong Chiang takes his music to new levels through international collaborations 

TTV News, Taiwan | 2019 Mar. 31


In early 2019, Zong Chiang was invited as the youngest member of a group of contemporary artists from Taiwan to participate in the 2019 Formosa in Venice (“Formosa a Venezia”) artistic exhibition featured at the Palazzo Albrizzi in Venice, Italy. On March 29, 2019, Zong accompanied his father, well-known music producer San-sheng Chiang to a MUST (Music Copyright Society of Chinese Taipei) event where he took a moment to speak about his music career. Zong shares that he never sets limits when it comes to music. During his trip back to Taiwan this time, Zong revealed that he is working with an international team of artists to score music for an upcoming animation based on the well-known Journey to the West, which is slated to showcase at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival.

Musical Prodigy Zong Chiang's Album Fantastic Art Symphony Showcases a New Form of Art at Venice Exhibition

PR Newswire | 2019 Mar. 20


Zong Chiang, represented by JMS Music Studio, takes music and art to a new level at the 2019 Formosa Visits Venice ("Formosa a Venezia") exhibition. Opening on March 24, 2019 at the Palazzo Albrizzi in Venice, Italy, this artistic festival with the theme "Aesthetics of Life and Living" features paintings, installation art, sculptures and more. Invited as the youngest member of a group of 32 participating contemporary artists from Taiwan, Chiang showcases an exhibit completed in collaboration with Lee Shi-Chi, the iconic artist who helped modernize art in Taiwan. Entitled the Fantastic Art Symphony, the creation is a musical and artistic album inspired by Lee's famous paintings, complete with album art by the painter himself. Originally released in 2017, this album will be re-launched through the Venice exhibition and shared with the entire world.

Taipei MRT features original symphonic composition showcasing the beauty of music 

USTV, Taiwan | 2018 Nov. 20


Concert symphonies can now be heard while riding the Taipei Metro. The company recently added environmental music to 10 stations. Among them, the Taipei 101 station’s featured melody was created by 22-year-old music prodigy Zong Chiang who combined symphony, classical music, percussion instruments, and synthesizers to compose the piece. This special melody crafts a magical atmosphere that embodies the uniqueness of Taipei 101 as a landmark and international destination.

Global intercollegiate music tour features world-renowned performances by young international artists in three metropolitan cities

USTV, Taiwan | 2017 Oct. 23


23-year-old composer Zong Chiang held his first global intercollegiate music tour for the first time from September to October 2017 in San Francisco, Shanghai and Taipei. The world-renowned music performances made possible by young musicians in all three cities amazed audiences. The Taipei performance on October 23, 2017 took place at Soochow University where the touring students collaborated with Soochow music students for a special performance combining classical music with modern electronic music ensembles.

Art and music collide: Zong Chiang collaborates with master of modern art Lee Shi-Chi to create a new kind of masterpiece

USTV, Taiwan | 2017 May 26


A legendary figure in Taiwan's art scene, Lee Shi-Chi is known for his works featuring both Chinese and Western styles, which are featured in his up solo exhibition held at the China Art Museum in Shanghai. This exhibition takes us outside the box of paintings and into the world of music by combining Lee’s work with symphonies of young composer Zong Chiang. Their collaboration resulted in an exclusive music video showcasing Lee’s paintings and Zong’s music inspired by the artist. Their works are also further integrated into physical music album, making the album itself a unique piece of art.

Original score for Charlie Chu’s documentary Bright Torch 3D helps the film bring in accolades at international film festivals

NetEase, China | 2016 Jan. 19


Asia's most promising young musician Zong Chiang composes his first original soundtrack for 3D documentary Bright Torch 3D, which is directed by well-known  director Charlie Chu. Tracks from this film will be featured in Zong’s 2016 solo album The Power of Civilization. Bright Torch 3D won the Best 3D Film Award at the 8th Busan International Film Festival in South Korea, first place in the 3D films category at the China Advanced Videography Awards, and was short-listed at the 1st West Lake International Documentary Festival (IDF).

Zong Chiang’s musical collaboration The Fighter was shortlisted at the 50th Television Golden Bell Award

USTV, Taiwan | 2015 Sep. 26


Promising young musician Zong Chiang’s first original soundtrack for television show The Fighter was short-listed at the 50th Television Golden Bell Award for “Best Educational and Cultural Program.” Zong composed original opening and closing credits as well as interlude soundtracks for the series, which received recognition from the production team. The second season of The Fighter, slated to air in 2016, will continue to feature Zong’s original compositions.

Musical prodigy Zong Chiang leads a group of 34 young pianists in an opening performance for the 12th National Sports Competition for Secondary Education

Phoenix Television, China | 2014 July 28


Zong Chiang was invited by the mayor and educational commissioner of Shanghai to perform at the opening ceremony of the 12th National Sports Competition for Secondary Education in July 2014. Zong led a group of 34 elite young pianists selected from each of the provinces across China in a performance of Zong’s own musical composition. His “Moment of Glory” was pre-recorded by the renowned Shanghai Symphony Orchestra. Live performances were broadcasted by CCTV news.
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